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“We recycle with Waste Chasers and we love how easy and flexible they make it to dispose of our waste paper and cardboard


Welcome to Waste Chasers, a thriving not-for-profit cooperative since 1990. Originating from the altruistic initiatives of the Bradford Recyclers voluntary group, we have grown into a steadfast force championing waste reduction, paper shredding and recycling in Yorkshire.

Our primary goals revolve around promoting waste reduction and recycling throughout the region. Waste Chasers specialises in confidential paper shredding, data destruction, paper recycling, and card recycling services. Furthermore we cover a wide array of locations in West Yorkshire. To discover more about the comprehensive services we offer and regular collections across West Yorkshire, explore our website’s customer information section.

Why opt for a cooperative model? Waste Chasers breaks away from traditional, hierarchical management structures. Our operation thrives without bosses or shareholders, placing emphasis on collective collaboration to benefit our members, society, and the overarching objective of advancing sustainable waste practices. Embracing a democratic management approach, each member enjoys an equal voice and receives equitable pay and rewards for their contributions. As a result we proudly hold membership with CoopsUK.

Operating out of a single warehouse with a truck and three high-volume shredding machines, our team of five ensures efficient day-to-day operations. Moreover, our compact size guarantees that every team member is well-versed in all aspects of our work, ensuring that anyone you interact with can readily address general inquiries and bookings with ease.

Established in 1990, Bradford Waste Chasers remains committed to leading the way in eco-conscious waste management practices. Guided by the principles of cooperation, equality, and community empowerment, we invite you to join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable West Yorkshire.

For comprehensive solutions in shredding, paper recycling, and data destruction across Leeds, Bradford, and West Yorkshire, trust Waste Chasers to deliver excellence in service with a commitment to community and sustainability.


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